To get the most out of this course, set aside distraction-free time to complete each lesson. I know that’s a big ask of a teacher, but what really matters is that you invest the time in YOU and your learning. Also, make a commitment to try out the ideas in each lesson. When you apply them to your own classroom, you win! Your learning will be fast-tracked and you’ll gain insights into your students from day one. 

I’m excited for you because you’ve started on a journey that will improve your teaching forever. Running Records are one of the few assessments that actually improve your ability to teach and can make you the most effective teacher you’ve ever been. Now that’s something to celebrate! 

So, download the notetaking guide, grab a pen, and let’s flex those teaching muscles boot camp style! 

Running Record Boot Camp: How to Use Running Records to Accelerate Learning in Your Guided Reading Groups

Yes! You can master Running Records and propel your teaching forward. Let me show you how! Join our course community today.

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