Welcome to Writing by Julie Webb

Welcome to Writing

All children are writers, and their teachers should be too! Teaching writing can be a joy. Learn how to build a writing community and inspire great writing in your classroom. You can be that teacher. Yes you! Let me show you how with my growing video collection: Welcome to Writing!

Writing can be your favorite subject to teach

Honestly, I used to be scared to teach writing in my elementary classroom. My teacher preparation program only hinted at writing, my district's curriculum was totally insufficient, and I got zero training on how to teach writing well. Sound familiar? 

There's a substantial body of research that makes one thing abundantly clear: students who write well, read well too. That's all I needed to hear! When I learned how to teach writing I created a safety net for my readers, and consistently outscored grade level expectations. You can improve your writing instruction too, and I'm willing to bet you'll even fall in love with the teaching of writing. I did! Let me share that passion with you!

More new videos are coming your way

Welcome to Writing is a growing collection of videos and printables that will feature lessons for teaching writing across different genres in the elementary classroom. I'll also include videos focused on supporting your professional growth as a teacher of writing. Stay tuned and enjoy the many resources available for free. :)

What's included?

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Distance Learning Writing Instruction - A System for 2nd-5th Grades
Distance Learning Writing Instruction webinar.com.mp4
35 mins
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Writing Foundations
3 Quick Tips to Get All Students Writing.mp4
5 mins
Draw First, Then Write.mp4
3 mins
LitCentric Big Illustration Paper.pdf
28.7 KB
What is a Text?.mp4
3 mins
Teacher, You Write Too!.mp4
3 mins
Writing Tools
Why Starting a Writer's Notebook is So Important.mp4
5 mins
LitCentric Writing Paper.pdf
29.8 KB
4 mins
LitCentric Wordabet Song.pdf
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Magic Ideas List.mp4
4 mins
LitCentric Magic Ideas List.pdf
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Narrative Writing
Get Students Excited about Descriptive Writing.mp4
5 mins
LitCentric Where am I book.pdf
19.4 KB
Doodle Story.mp4
2 mins
Sticker Story.mp4
3 mins
LitCentric Big Illustration Paper.pdf
28.7 KB
SWBST Summary.mp4
2 mins
LitCentric SWBST Summary.pdf
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NonFiction Writing
An Experiment Kids will Write About.mp4
5 mins
An Experiment Kids will Write About.pdf
39.8 KB
4 mins