Sound-Along Phonics Program by Julie Webb

Sound-Along Phonics Program

Feel confident that you're meeting the needs of all your early readers as they sing their way from reading to spelling!

What's included?

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Take a look at the 37 phonemes students learn in the Sound-Along Phonics Program
SoundAlong Instructional Sequence.pdf
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Listen to the Sound-Along Phonics Song (my apologies in advance, I'm no singer!)
SoundAlong Phonics Song.m4a
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Get your editable template to decorate your letter drawers
SoundAlong drawer covers.pptx
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Watch to learn more
An Introduction to Sound-Along Alphabet and Phonics Programs.mp4
10 mins
Sound-Along Phonics: Learn How the Program Works.mp4
6 mins
Sound-Along Phonics: Take a Look at What Students Learn.mp4
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Ready to easily meet the needs of your early readers? Buy your copy of the Sound-Along Phonics Program
Sound-Along Phonics Program
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