Sound-Along Alphabet Program by Julie Webb

Sound-Along Alphabet Program

Feel confident that you’re meeting the needs of all your emergent readers as they sing their way from letters to words!

Children enter school at different levels of readiness.

There’s a lot to learn when students arrive at school for the first time. Learning when to listen and when speak up, self-help skills, making friends, discovering what it means to be a member of a classroom community.

Some of your students may be able to recall most of their letters and sounds. Some of your students might not know how to write their own names. Yet all of them have a place in your class to learn and grow. How will you support such different developmental needs?

You became a teacher to make a difference.

You may be comfortable with your approach to teaching the alphabet. But you know some of your students are ahead of what you’re teaching, while others are way behind. You want to make a difference for every child, every day, but you worry that your impact isn’t what it could be.

Sound-Along Alphabet offers teachers a way to honor developmental needs while still advancing early literacy knowledge and skills. Teachers report that students love the activities in the Sound-Along Alphabet program because they eagerly engage in the whole group and small group lessons. Wouldn’t it feel great to see all of your students reaching their potential?

An instructional system with a place for every child.

When I taught pre-K and Kindergarten students I felt like I was always leaving someone out. Some of my colleagues swore by teaching a letter a week, claiming that young children couldn’t handle more advanced work. Other colleagues plowed ahead with the entire alphabet at once, playing catch up with students for the remainder of the school year. I just knew there had to be a better way.

I believe that children will rise to even the highest expectations, as long as instruction is specifically matched to their developmental needs. We can have the best of both worlds:
  1. A systematic program for mastering letters, sounds, and phonological awareness.
  2. A flexible program for meeting students where they are and advancing them to the next phase of learning.

Wait, that sounds like completely opposite approaches. How is that supposed to work? But I knew it was possible and Sound-Along Alphabet is the result.

With Sound-Along Alphabet you can identify what your students already know and what they need next. There’s a place for every child in the program, even if they aren’t yet identifying letters, sounds, or their own names. Sound-Along Alphabet is organized into developmental phases with unique activities that focus on what your students need to master in each phase. Letters and sounds are taught in collections so that students can advance through the alphabet at the right pace for them. It’s an approach that gets kids on track - every kid!

You can get every child on the path to success.

With Sound-Along Alphabet I saw growth from every one of my students. My little ones who couldn’t hold a pencil were mastering phonological awareness, identifying letters, and producing sounds independently. My advanced kiddos were matching sounds, decoding words, and spelling on their own. Everyone thrived!

Next year’s first grade teachers were the first to take notice when they couldn’t believe how many students started the year at grade level. Next, the intervention teacher remarked that she had fewer groups to serve. They asked what’s different this year? That’s when I eagerly shared what I’d created, and they clambered to get their hands on it!

Here's what your colleagues are saying.

“I always struggled with how to teach my Kindergartners when they’re all starting at such different places. Now I’ve got a way to figure out which phase of learning they’re in and can get started teaching them right where they are.”
Kindergarten Teacher
“My students really like the activities in Sound-Along Alphabet. They’re hands-on, musical, and don’t require pencil-paper work that’s tough on little hands.”
Pre-K Teacher
“I was frustrated by programs that focused on what my at-risk students lacked. Now I can focus on what they already know and go from there. It’s a much more positive way to teach.”
Kindergarten Teacher

Over 200 pages for masterful teaching.

Sound-Along Alphabet provides you with accessible, engaging materials that all students enjoy.
Resources to practice foundational skills:
  • Cards for sorting and matching activities
  • Letter construction kits for forming letters
  • Materials for building and decoding words
  • Song charts for whole and small group practice
Lessons for mastering letters and sounds:
  • Easy-to-follow instructional routines
  • Daily practice in phonological awareness and phonics
  • Hands on materials that keep students engaged
  • Dynamic activities that make learning fun
Teacher resources to facilitate learning:
  • Letters and sounds assessment
  • Instructional sequence
  • Daily whole group routines
  • Weekly small group instructional plans

Watch What Students Learn with Sound-Along Alphabet

All of your students can learn to read and write.

You have the chance to make a difference for every child, right from the very start of their school careers. You can waste time sticking to outdated approaches that only work for some students, or you can get organized with a system that will work for every student in every phase of development. Ready to get started?

Purchase Sound-Along Alphabet for $49 so you can make the difference you were born to make.

What's included?

File Icon 4 files


Wondering if Sound-Along Alphabet is right for your students? Download the Readiness Table to see descriptions of each phase of the program
SoundAlong Readiness Table.pdf
37.6 KB
Take a glance at the schedules for whole group and small group Sound-Along Alphabet instruction
SoundAlong ABC schedule sheets.pdf
117 KB
Listen to the Sound-Along Alphabet Song (my apologies in advance, I'm no singer!)
SoundAlong Alphabet Song.m4a
1 min
Ready to easily meet the needs of your emergent readers? Buy your copy of the Sound-Along Alphabet Program
Sound-Along Alphabet Program LitCentric.pdf
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Who is this program for?

The Sound-Along Alphabet Program is for teachers of emergent readers who need differentiated instruction that's developmentally appropriate for preK through 1st grade students. Sound-Along Alphabet also works well with struggling readers as an intervention program. If you're looking for a program for students who are ready to move beyond CVC words then take a look at the Sound-Along Phonics Program.

How is this program designed?

The Sound-Along Alphabet Program is designed in six phases that match students' level of literacy development. Download the free Sound-Along Readiness Table to see where to place your students.

What other materials will I need for this program?

The Sound-Along Alphabet Program is designed for use with the following materials that are not included with your purchase:
  • Pocket Chart
  • Magnetic Letters
  • Magnetic Boards
  • Dry Erase Boards
  • Dry Erase Markers and Erasers
  • 6" x 9" Storage Envelopes

Can I share materials from Sound-Along Phonics with colleagues?

No. All the files are licensed for one classroom teacher only. If your colleagues express interest in these resources kindly refer them to the Sound-Along Alphabet webpage.

Tell me about the graphics.

The graphics were carefully selected to be easy to identify and recall by young children with particular consideration paid to English Learners. The graphics were provided by Whimsy Clips.