Remote Learning Videos - Sound-Along Phonics by Julie Webb

Remote Learning Videos - Sound-Along Phonics

Continue supporting your students with teacher-led video lessons that offer hands-on phonics practice they can do on their own!

Phonics Lessons That Keep Your Students on Track

Sound-Along Phonics for remote learning is a collection of 37 phonics lessons that students can complete with little support and only a few at-home resources.

That's over 45 minutes of phonics practice a week for each student! Sound-Along Phonics remote learning videos free you up so you can spend your time teaching new content. Oh yeah, and all those other subjects you're responsible for!

Talk about an amazing opportunity to differentiate your phonics lessons for every learner in your Kindergarten, First Grade, or Second Grade classroom! Supplement reading instruction and intervention by targeting specific students with specific lessons from Sound-Along Phonics.

Remote Learning in 4 Simple Steps

Here’s how the Sound-Along Phonics remote learning system works:

Step 1: Assess your students to see which phonemes they haven’t mastered yet (optional)

Step 2: Assign video lessons to students based on the phonemes they need to practice

Step 3: Students complete the video lessons during the week based on the frequency you choose

Step 4: Check in with students to evaluate progress and assign new video lessons

Sound-Along Phonics for remote learning is a great alternative to paper and digital worksheets

Students can get real instruction and practice opportunities, freeing you up to check for understanding and provide feedback when your schedule allows.

Parents love Sound-Along Phonics remote lessons because they reinforce phonics learning with hands-on practice while giving parents the breathing room they need.

Sound-Along Phonics remote lessons include:

  • 1 phonics assessment and instructions for remote administration (optional)
  • 37 downloadable slide decks that walk students through the lessons
  • 37 instructional videos that guide students with hands-on word building activities and independent practice - including the memorable Sound-Along Phonics song!
  • 6 interchangeable task cards for additional practice that's engaging and fun!

What's included?

Video Icon 2 videos File Icon 5 files


Check out samples from the virtual program
37 Phonemes Featured in Sound-Along Phonics.pdf
140 KB
Sound-Along Video: How to Prepare Letter Cards.mp4
2 mins
Sound-Along Phonics Slide Deck Sample: ch.pdf
372 KB
Sound-Along Video Sample: ch.mp4
9 mins
All the video links you'll need are in the PDFs below
Sound-Along Phonics Remote Learning
4.21 MB
SoundAlong Phonics Teacher Sheet and Student Sheet LitCentric.pdf
71.1 KB
Sound-Along Phonics Student Assessment for Screensharing LitCentric.pdf
244 KB


Who is this program for?

Sound-Along Phonics Remote Learning Videos are for early readers who need differentiated practice that's developmentally appropriate for late K through 2nd grade students. Sound-Along Phonics Remote Learning Videos are well-suited for online learning environments as well as for independent literacy centers.

How is this program different from the original Sound-Along Phonics Program?

Sound-Along Phonics Remote Learning Videos are designed to support students as they work independently, either through remote learning or as independent literacy centers. Each video teaches one phoneme and supports students as they   recognize and recall the phoneme through singing, reading, spelling, and repetition. Students follow along as the teacher guides them through hands-on word building exercises.

How do I access the video lessons?

Once you've made your purchase, download the PDF file where you'll find program components as well as a link for each lesson. The link will direct you to a Google slide deck that includes directions for the student, the lesson video, and a spelling task card activity.

What other materials will I need for teaching the remote lessons?

You'll need to save the Google slide deck lessons on Google Drive. From there you can assign the lessons to students using Google Classroom, or other learning management software. When students engage in the lessons they'll need paper, a pencil, and scissors for the videos, and common at-home supplies for the task cards.

Can I share materials from Sound-Along Phonics with colleagues?

No. All the files, including the Google slides and videos, are licensed for one classroom teacher only. If your colleagues express interest in these resources kindly refer them to the Sound-Along Phonics Remote Learning Videos webpage.