Put an End to Missing Punctuation by Julie Webb

Put an End to Missing Punctuation

You've taught students about periods, capitals, and spaces between words. Then why aren't they using them? Let me show you the foundational pieces you might be missing, and the strategies that develop independent writers. It's all here in this 90-minute mini course!

Punctuation is easy to teach but tough to learn.

Really. This is an understatement. How many times have you shown students how to put spaces between words? And a period at the end of a sentence? I bet you've lost count.

But if you've done so much work on your end, why don't students use punctuation, spaces, and capital letters in their writing?

The foundation is everything.

The key to developing independent writers who actually use periods on their own is in our understanding of where they are developmentally. I used to think that the fun tips and tricks I saw other teachers using would be enough. It turns out, those teachers weren't getting great results either. So, I decided to approach things differently.

This new approach made all the difference.

Beginning writers fall into 3 different stages when learning to use punctuation: 
  • The Awareness Stage
  • The Practice Stage
  • The Independent Stage
Once I understood the stages everything clicked! That's why I organized this course around those stages, with the teaching strategies to match!

My students were finally showing progress, and yours can too.

In this mini course you'll learn how to strategically support your beginning writers as they move toward independence.

In 90 minutes you'll discover:
  • where your students fall on the punctuation continuum of development
  • how to make punctuation practice engaging and hands-on
  • how to make spacing between words a snap
  • what to do when students overuse periods at the end of sentences
  • the specific order for teaching punctuation, spaces, and capital letters
  • the secret to keeping punctuation top-of-mind all year long

It's never too late to make a difference.

No matter what stage of development your beginning writers are in, you can move them toward independence. The answers are all here in this mini course. Sign up today!

Don't forget your bonus!

When you purchase access to this mini course you'll also receive the guide to teaching punctuation virtually in a distance learning or hybrid model. It's free!

What's included?

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Course Introduction - LitCentric.mp4
6 mins
Notetaking Guide LitCentric.pdf
3.45 MB
Introducing The Punctuation Continuum - LitCentric.mp4
15 mins
The Punctuation Continuum LitCentric.pdf
218 KB
The Awareness Stage
1.1 Focus on Periods First - LitCentric.mp4
4 mins
Punctuation Examples LitCentric.pdf
142 KB
1.2 Colorful Reminders - LitCentric.mp4
9 mins
1.3 Punctuation Bridge Charts - LitCentric.mp4
7 mins
The Practice Stage
2.1 Total Engagement - LitCentric.mp4
5 mins
Books for Teaching Punctation
Victor Borge Performance - Phonetic Punctuation
2.2 Concept of Word - LitCentric.mp4
9 mins
2.3 Concept of Sentence - LitCentric.mp4
7 mins
Concept of Sentence Cards LitCentric.pdf
19.4 KB
Concept of Word and Sentence Digital Tools.pptx
150 KB
The Independent Stage
3.1 Build on Engagement - LitCentric.mp4
10 mins
Knuffle Bunny Punctation Lesson from LitCentric Radio Podcast.pdf
10.4 MB
3.2 123 Conventions Chart - LitCentric.mp4
9 mins
3.3 The Conventions Fairy - LitCentric.mp4
7 mins
Course Conclusion - LitCentric.mp4
6 mins
Mini Course Feedback Survey
Put an End to Missing Punctuation Course Certificate.pdf
3.36 MB
Tips for Teaching Punctuation Virtually LitCentric.pdf
3.39 MB


Who should take this course?

I designed this course for elementary teachers, reading specialists, and literacy coaches who want to support K-2 writers to use punctuation and other conventions more independently.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The payment methods provided by Podia, the online software that powers LitCentric courses, are accepted.

Does my course access expire?

No. As of Summer 2020, your purchase allows you continued access to the online course. LitCentric reserves the right to alter these terms in the future with notification to participants.

Where can I find additional support with writing instruction?

I recommend engaging with my writing instruction videos called Welcome to Writing. It’s a growing collection of resources for teachers who are looking for fresh, proven approaches for writing instruction.

Can I share my login with colleagues?

No. Each purchase of Put an End to Missing Punctation is for one individual educator. If your school is interested in purchasing multiple licenses please email juliewebb@litcentric.com.

Can I share the resources from the course with colleagues?

No. The downloadable handouts and videos are meant for participants of the course only. If your colleagues express interest in these resources kindly refer them to the Put an End to Missing Punctation webpage.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with the software or website?

Podia is the online software that powers LitCentric courses and they offer excellent customer support. Contact the support team by clicking the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen.