LitCentric Early Lit Kit by Julie Webb

LitCentric Early Lit Kit

Quick, reliable assessments for emergent and early readers in grades K-2. Easily combine with other reading assessments to get an overall picture of your beginning readers.

All-in-One Assessment Kit for Foundational Reading Skills

LitCentric Early Lit Kit offers straightforward, field tested reading assessments you can rely on to evaluate:
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Alphabet Letters and Sounds
  • Common Phonemes
  • High Frequency Words

See Inside the Kit!

Efficiently collect critical information about your students with easy-to-administer assessments. Minimal paper, minimal prep. That means no more time wasted at the copy machine.

Phonological Awareness Assessment

Clear directions and friendly pictures help you easily unpack phonological awareness including:
  • Identifying beginning and ending sounds
  • Identifying and producing rhymes
  • Oral blending and segmenting

Alphabet Letters and Sounds Assessment

Quickly identify which uppercase and lowercase letters your students recognize by name. Verify which letter sounds they already know and which they still need to learn.

Phonics Assessment

Evaluate your students' phonics knowledge in isolation and in words. Get a clear picture of how well your students can decode. Student materials available in both paper and digital versions.

High Frequency Words Assessment

3 sets of words are available for Kindergarten, First, and Second grade students. Directions include the assessment's purpose, administration guidelines, and tips to help you analyze results.

Take a Look at the Digital Recording Sheets and How to Administer Assessments Virtually!

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What's included?

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Early Lit Kit Assessments and Bonus Resources

Phonological Awareness Assessment
Phonological Awareness Directions LitCentric.pdf
77.7 KB
Phonological Awareness LitCentric.pdf
1.6 MB
Phonological Awareness Digital LitCentric.pdf
2.66 MB
Sound-Along Alphabet Assessment
Sound-Along Alphabet Directions LitCentric.pdf
69.9 KB
Sound-Along Alphabet LitCentric.pdf
80.8 KB
Sound-Along Alphabet Digital LitCentric.pdf
256 KB
Sound-Along Phonics Assessment
Sound-Along Phonics Directions LitCentric.pdf
71.2 KB
SoundAlong Phonics LitCentric.pdf
96.9 KB
Sound-Along Phonics Digital LitCentric.pdf
244 KB
High Frequency Words Assessment
High Frequency Words Directions LitCentric.pdf
70.7 KB
High Frequency Words set 1 LitCentric.pdf
80 KB
High Frequency Words set 2 LitCentric.pdf
110 KB
High Frequency Words set 3 LitCentric.pdf
109 KB
High Frequency Words Set 1 Digital LitCentric.pdf
225 KB
High Frequency Words Set 2 Digital LitCentric.pdf
260 KB
High Frequency Words Set 3 Digital LitCentric.pdf
258 KB
Bonus Resources
Early Lit Kit Digital Recording Sheets LitCentric.pdf
81.7 KB
Class Composite LitCentric.pdf
88.6 KB
Early Lit Kit Benchmarks LitCentric.pdf
104 KB
LitCentric Virtual Assessment Directions.pdf
81.3 KB


Who should buy the Early Lit Kit?

Teachers in the primary grades will find the Early Lit Kit most beneficial. The Kit is designed to evaluate the foundational reading skills of students in Kindergarten, First, and Second grades. The Kit will also be beneficial for intervention teachers who work with K-2 students or with students who are older but still require instruction in foundational reading skills.

What's included in the Early Lit Kit?

The kit includes all the materials you'll need to conduct 4 different assessments for foundational reading skills including phonological awareness, letters and sounds, phonics, and high frequency words. Each assessment includes directions for proper administration, a recording sheet to document responses and monitor growth, and student materials in both print and digital versions.

Can I use the Early Lit Kit with other reading assessments?

Yes. It's important that teachers listen to their students read continuous text through guided reading and running records, for example. The Early Lit Kit evaluates students' foundational reading skills on their own, while reading continuous text evaluates those skills in application. It's important to understand what students know in both contexts. For assessing reading in continuous text check out Running Record Boot Camp.

Can I share resources from the Early Lit Kit with colleagues?

No. Early Lit Kit resources are meant for one teacher only. If your colleagues express interest in these resources kindly refer them to the Early Lit Kit webpage.

How much preparation is involved?

The Early Lit Kit requires minimal preparation. Teachers should make paper copies of the directions and recording sheets. Teachers can choose to make paper copies of the student materials or download the digital version for use on a tablet or laptop. The only sheet you'll need to reproduce is the recording sheet for each student, but this sheet will last the entire school year so minimal paper is consumed.

Tell me about the graphics.

The graphics were carefully selected to be easy to identify and recall by young children with particular consideration paid to English Learners. The graphics were provided by Whimsy Clips.