Guided Reading Institute Washington Unified School District by Julie Webb
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Guided Reading Institute Washington Unified School District

Professional learning in guided reading for Washington Unified School District, 2-day institute
Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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Welcome to Washington Unified School District's 2-Day Guided Reading Institute
Start Here.mp4
6 mins
Guided Reading Institute Packet.pdf
7.88 MB
Note Taking Guide.pdf
174 KB
Unit 1 - What is Guided Reading?
1.1 Definition and Origin of Guided Reading.mp4
22 mins
1.2 Essential Characteristics of Guided Reading.mp4
47 mins
1.3 Guided Reading and Balanced Literacy.mp4
39 mins
1.4 Steps in the Guided Reading Process.mp4
20 mins
Unit 2 - What Are Running Records?
2.1 Running Records In Action.mp4
27 mins
2.2 Anatomy of a Running Record.mp4
33 mins
2.3 Coding a Running Record.mp4
14 mins
2.4 Running Record Coding Practice.mp4
26 mins
LitCentric Baby Chicks Grow and Grow Running Record Level D.pdf
184 KB
2.5 Analyzing Sources of Information.mp4
24 mins
LitCentric MSV Practice Sentences.pdf
230 KB
2.6 Calculating Scores.mp4
17 mins
Unit 3 - Live Zoom Call at 1:30-2:30pm June 17
Preparing for Our Zoom Call.pdf
2.02 MB
Day 1 Zoom Call Recording.mp4
(1h 11m 14s)
Unit 4 - Forming Groups and Selecting Texts
4.1 Guided Reading Groups.mp4
25 mins
4.2 Text Leveling Systems.mp4
16 mins
The Big Hole Level B.pdf
46.3 MB
Fruit Trees Level C.pdf
30.2 MB
Planting and Growing Level D.pdf
48.5 MB
Evergreens Level E.pdf
62.1 MB
The Ant and the Grasshopper Level E.pdf
37.6 MB
Honey For Baby Bear Level F.pdf
35.1 MB
Pumpkins Level F.pdf
36.1 MB
Unit 5 - Guided Reading Lessons
5.1 Planning and Prompting in Guided Reading.mp4
28 mins
5.2 Guided Reading Observations.mp4
16 mins
Unit 6 - Try a Running Record
6.1 Take a Practice Running Record.mp4
8 mins
Master Coded Running Record Father Bear Goes Fishing Level E.pdf
810 KB
6.2 Score a Practice Running Record.mp4
7 mins
6.3 Analyze a Practice Running Record.mp4
18 mins
Unit 7 - Comprehension
7.1 Guided Reading and Comprehension.mp4
33 mins
7.2 Comprehension Conversations.mp4
20 mins
Unit 8 - Word Work
8.1 Guided Reading and Word Work.mp4
41 mins
Unit 9 - Live Zoom Call 1:30-2:30pm June 18
Preparing for Our Zoom Call.pdf
1.98 MB
Day 2 Zoom Call Recording.mp4
(1h 08m 18s)
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